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Endless Supremacy

The ultimate SUV. Its advantage is undeniable, its legacy unquestionable. 

Honda Car Speciality


Class-Leading Feature
Effortless Acces To Boot Space
8 Advanced Driver-Assistive Technologies


Class-Leading Feature


Effortless Access To Boot Space


8 Advanced Driver-Assistive Technologies

Spec & Price

Style Approved

Behold a truly stylish family car. While offering the most space in its class, the BR-V bears a sleek and bold appearance. Fit for families who want space without any compromise on style!

Honda CR-V is also available in:
Meteoroid Gray Metallic, Ignite Red Metallic

LED Headlights With LED Daytime Running Lights

The LED Headlights illuminate the night and stand out in the day with the LED DRL, maintaining the CR‑V’s distinct identity in light and darkness.

LED Fog Lights

LED Fog Lights boost brightness and enhance visibility in low‑light conditions.

Remote Engine Start

Don’t wait to get ahead. The class‑leading feature initiates the engine and air conditioning before you enter the car with a starter button on the smart key.

Hands-Free Power Tailgate

Simply raise your foot under the rear bumper and the Hands‑Free Power Tailgate will rise automatically, allowing effortless access to the CR‑V's boot space.

Tailgate Spoiler And LED Taillights

A sleek tailgate spoiler and LED taillights accentuate the CR‑V’s stand‑out attitude.

Twin Tailpipe Chrome Finish

A new sleek exhaust design and tailpipe finish completes the CR‑V’s fierce presence.

Remote Retractable Door Mirrors With Turning Lights

Remote Retractable Door Mirrors that unfold as soon as you open the door. Retract them again with ease at the push of a button.

Dual Tone Alloy Wheels

Dual Tone Alloy Wheels complete the CR‑V’s bold and dynamic exterior.


Supremacy With Refined Elegance

Drive on instinct. Never miss a beat. The CR-V’s accessible control surfaces put you right where you belong: IN CHARGE.

Leather^ Upholstery

Finely upholstered leather^ seats establish an elegant, prestigious ambience throughout the cabin.

7" TFT Meter

The CR-V is designed to be admired, not just driven. Its meter cluster provides comprehensive, real-time insight into the processes that drive your car.

7" Advanced Display Audio

Experience intuitive access to menu controls with a sensitive, easy to navigate touchscreen interface.

Hands-Free Telephone With Voice Command

Activate voice navigation with the push of a button, allowing you to make and take calls without diverting your attention from the road.

Push Start Button

Go forth with your CR‑V and command the day with the push of a button.

Smartphone Connectivity

Enjoy uninterrupted, seamless access to your smartphone apps. Navigate your way, listen to your favourite music and stay connected via Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™*.

Digital Dashboard Display (TFT)

The CR-V’s meter cluster with innovative features provides you with extensive information about the CR-V and your drive.

4WD Torque Distribution Monitor

Keep track of torque distribution as the CR‑V automatically adjusts directional stability, improving driving control.

Driver Attention Monitor

With intuitive technology, the CR-V keeps you alert using sounds and vibrations if your attention level drops.

Call Function

Music Display

FM Radio Display

Supremacy Surrounds You

The CR-V’s spacious and quiet cabin is complemented with fine, crafted finishes that make every journey a pleasure for all.

Low Boot Clearance

A lower boot clearance reduces exertion when loading and unloading the rear with cargo.

Superior Space

The CR‑V’s roomy interior assures passenger comfort at all times. Adjustable folding seats enhance this sense of spaciousness.

8-Way Driver Power Seat With 4-Way Lumbar Support

Configure your driving position to your posture with an 8‑way powered seat and 4‑way lumbar support.

Dual Zone Air Conditioning

Dual Zone Air Conditioning lets you customise cabin temperature to your personal preferences ‑ whether you’re at the wheel or enjoying the ride from the passenger seat.

Rear Air Condition Ventilation & USB Charging Ports

Extend convenience and comfort to passengers seated at the rear of the cabin.

Multi-Function Centre Console

The adjustable Multi‑Function Centre Console allocates secure storage for large and small items, allowing for efficient space management.


Supremacy Dominates

Challenge every limit. Conquer any distance. CR-V embodies the power to dominate with a turbocharged engine and 4WD Drivetrain designed to take the lead.

1.5L VTEC Turbocharged Engine

With its cutting‑edge 1.5L turbocharged engine, the CR‑V easily keeps pace with 2.4L engines. Achieving a mileage of 6.8L/100km#, it guarantees fuel efficiency without compromising power.

4WD Driving Performance

The CR‑V is engineered to adapt to all road conditions with its 4WD capability, enhancing engine torque for greater traction, acceleration and stability.


Boost endurance and go the distance with improved fuel efficiency at the push of a button.

Paddle Shift

Keep hold of the steering wheel while changing gears for a truly exciting and seamless drive.


Supremacy In Safety

Confidence is knowing you’re always protected. The CR-V’s formidable protective measures keep you out of harm’s way on every journey.

6 Airbags

6 airbags located in the cabin provide multi‑directional protection from impact to the front and sides, cushioning all occupants and maximising safety.

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

Hill Start Assist keeps the CR-V stationary and prevents downhill movement when releasing your brakes.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

During emergency braking situations, the CR‑V’s taillights and hazard lights flash rapidly to alert other drivers.

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

Drive safely with true confidence. The CR‑V’s VSA gently corrects understeer and oversteer when turning, maintaining stability and agility around the sharpest corners.

Agile Handling Assist (AHA)

Drive with full control at every turn. When cornering, AHA automatically applies brake pressure to individual wheels, removing the need for corrective steering.

Walk Away Auto Lock

Exit the CR-V worry-free with the auto lock function that automatically secures the vehicle if the door is unlocked for 30 seconds, or you walk 1.5 metres away.

Isofix I-Size Type

Be at ease knowing your child’s safety is prioritised with ISOFIX anchor points that meet international standards.

Multi-Angle Rear View Camera

A camera always watches your back and removes blind spots when parking by providing a comprehensive view of rear angles.

Electric Parking Brake

Keep the CR‑V stationary with the pull of a switch. The Electric Parking Brake ensures steady brakes with minimum effort.

Honda LaneWatch

LaneWatch eliminates your blind spots and provides an extra pair of eyes with a camera on the passenger side mirror.

Auto Brake Hold (ABH)

Enjoy stress‑free driving in heavy traffic with ABH, which relieves the fatigue of frequent braking by applying brake pressure for you.

Supremacy Senses In Advance

Experience driver-assistive technologies with the enhanced Honda SENSING™*. Equipped with 8 technologically advanced safety features, the CR-V utilises a front camera and radar to alert you to imminent danger, which reduces the likelihood of collision.

Lane Departure Warning

The steering wheel vibrates and alerts you to correct your path when you drift out of the lane without activating your turn signal.

Road Departure Mitigation

If you veer too close to the edge of the road, Road Departure Mitigation intervenes to alert you, correct your steering, and apply brakes to get you back on track.

Lane Keep Assist System

Applying advanced intelligence to correct your steering and guide the car back to the centre of the lane.

Auto High Beam

Navigate safely at night with headlights that automatically switch from high beam to low beam when a car approaches from the opposite direction.

Forward Collision Warning

When there is a risk of collision with the car ahead, you will receive audio and visual alerts.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Stay at a safe distance by setting a fixed cruising speed between your car and the car ahead of you.
(Works together with Low Speed Follow)

Collision Mitigation Braking System

When there’s an increasing risk of collision, brakes will be applied to slow down or completely stop the car.

Low Speed Follow

Reactive intelligence automatically starts and stops the CR-V with the flow of traffic.
(Works together with Adaptive Cruise Control)

Spec & Pricing

Know Your Ride

Checkout the specifications and prices of your dream car! Don't forget to download the brochure for a detailed comparison.

CR-V 2.0 2WD

Retail Price Without Insurance - RM 146,900.00
Selling Price - RM 146,061.20

CR-V 1.5 TC-P 2WD

Retail Price Without Insurance - RM 165,800.00
Selling Price - RM 165,430.00

CR-V Black Edition

Retail Price Without Insurance - RM 170,400.00
Selling Price - RM 170,030.00

CR-V 1.5 TC-P 4WD

Retail Price Without Insurance - RM 171,400.00
Selling Price - RM 171,030.00

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