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The Ultimate SUV

Sophisticated, distinct and innovative. The CR-V is designed for those who aspire to be the best in life, establishing the ultimate standard.

Honda Car Speciality


Multi View Camera System (360 Camera)
Immersive Audio Experience
Intuitive Driver-Assistive Technology


Multi-View Camera System
(360 Camera)


Immersive Audio Experience


Intuitive Driver-Assistive Technology

Spec & Price

Ultimate Design

Make a bold entrance with the sleek and exclusive CR-V unlike any other.

Honda CR-V is also available in:
Ignite Red Metallic

Front Grille

Make a bold entrance with the sleek and exclusive mesh pattern grille that’s unlike any other.

Auto LED Headlights with Sequential Turn Signals

A stylish and safe driving experience.

18” Alloy Wheels

Intricately styled to elevate your everyday driving experience.

Ultimate Comfort

Crafted for a stylish and sleek look yet functional with compartments to store your essentials.

Wireless Charger

Charge your smartphone conveniently while on‑the‑go, cable‑free.

Memory Seat

Stores and recalls personalised seating preferences at the touch of a button.

Rear Air Conditioning Ventilation

Enjoy a cool ride with the convenience of 2 Type‑C USB ports for your passengers.

Electrostatic Touch Cabin Lights

Brighten up the ambiance with just a touch of the finger.

9" Advanced Display Audio

Just sync your phone to navigate or sing to your favourite tunes. Compatible with Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM Connectivity*.

Head-Up Display

Effortlessly access information you need for a safe and immersive driving experience.

Speakers (Powered by Bose)

Deliver an immersive audio experience with a premium sound system.

10.2” TFT Meter

Illuminates all the essential information you need to know.

Boot Space

Effortlessly organise your journey with a generous boot space, ensuring belongings are neatly stowed away.

Hands-Free Power Tailgate with Walkaway Close

Elevate convenience effortlessly, hands‑free. Lift your foot beneath the bumper to open the boot and walk away to automatically close.

Remote Engine Start

Experience ultimate control even before you start your journey. Warm up and cool down your vehicle from a distance.

Versatile Space

Enjoy versatile functionality with the option to fold down seats to accommodate various items.

Ultimate Power

Powerful performance meets efficiency, making it the ultimate chice for any drive - be it cruising through the city or going off on an escapade.

2.0L e:HEV Powertrain

Experience the dynamic performance of precision and power featuring the innovative engine that delivers sheer acceleration and serene quietness.

1.5L VTEC Turbocharged Engine

The CR‑V is engineered to adapt to all road conditions with its 4WD capability, enhancing engine torque for greater traction, acceleration and stability.

Electric Parking Brake with Auto Brake Hold

Just press to keep your vehicle stationary in traffic and pull to park.

3-Mode Drive System (Econ Mode | Normal Mode | Sport Mode)

Exhilaration or efficiency, it’s yours to decide.

Deceleration Selector Paddle

Stay engaged when going downhill with full control on the steering wheel.


Ultimate Peace of Mind

A sense of safety and security for you and your passengers. Get intuitive driver-assistive technology that truly looks out for you.

honda crv airbags

8 Airbags

Enhanced safety with a comprehensive 8‑airbag system for a secure journey.

Multi View Camera System (360 Camera)

Provides an integrated 360‑degree perspective of your vehicle’s surroundings to aid in parking and manoeuvring for enhanced awareness.

Rear Seat Reminder

Delivers a visual alert to inform you to inspect the rear seat for passengers or items left behind.

Honda Lane Watch

View the vehicle’s blind spot directly at the centre display screen when switching lanes.

Agile Handling Assist (AHA)

Optimises vehicle handling by precisely regulating the car’s systems, providing superior grip and control especially during turns.

Isofix I-Size Type

Industry‑standard anchor points to secure your child’s car seat in place.


Lane Departure Warning

Get alerted with vibrations from your steering wheel should you unintentionally drift from your lane.

Road Departure Mitigation

Offers corrective steering and engages the brakes if the vehicle appears to stray from an identified road.

Lane Keep Assist System

Alerts and subtly adjusts the steering to maintain the vehicle in the middle of the lane.

Forward Collision Warning

Provides audio and visual warnings when a potential risk of collision ahead is detected.

Collision Mitigation Breaking System

Brakes will immediately be applied to prevent or reduce the impact of collision.

Adaptive Driving Beam

Intelligently adjusts the beam pattern to enhance visibility without causing discomfort to other road users.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Set a safe distance and speed while maintaining a fixed safe cruising distance from other vehicles.

Low Speed Follow

Moves and stops your vehicle automatically according to the traffic flow to reduce fatigue.^^

Lead Car Departure Notification System

Get alerted to move when the vehicle ahead moves.


Safer and enjoyable journey with advanced remote connectivity technology via your smartphone.


Want a car with safety technology that’s straight out of a sci-fi movie? With Honda CONNECT, you get a car that automatically lets you know whenever there’s a safety concern. All on its own.


Automatic Collision Detection

With Honda CONNECT, your car can automatically detect collisions and call for help. This ensures that you’ll receive timely assistance whenever it’s required.

Security Alarm Detection

With Honda CONNECT, your car automatically sends an alert when the security alarm is triggered by trespassers, so you’ll have the upper hand. Even when you’re far away.

Speed Alert

Is someone in your family borrowing your car? Honda CONNECT allows you to intuitively set a speed alert, and automatically notifies you if they exceed it – allowing you to always keep an eye on them.


Honda CONNECT enhances the security of your car with advanced technology that helps you keep track of its latest location at all times.

Find My Car

Need to locate your car? With advanced connectivity made possible by Honda CONNECT, you can now easily find your car, wherever it may be. Even if it's far away from its last known location.

Geo-fencing Alert

With Honda CONNECT’s geo-location technology, you can set zones with various parameters around your car and receive alerts whenever your car enters or exits them. This ensures that no one can drive your car away without your consent.

Emergency Call

Honda CONNECT also makes it easier for you to access emergency contacts with just a tap, giving you a helping hand in any kind of emergency on the road.


With Honda CONNECT, your car can now be checked on and controlled remotely. All conveniently from your smartphone.

Car Status

Diagnostic Support

Fuel, Battery, Locks, Airbag

You will automatically receive alerts if the ABS, Supplemental Restraint System, Brake System, Engine Malfunction, Charging System, VSA, Electric Power Steering System, LKAS, ACC, Safety Support or Power System indicator lamp is on and requires your attention. You will also be able to remotely check on car fuel, battery, lock and airbag status.

Remote Vehicle Control

Remote Engine Start & Stop

Remote Air Conditioner Control

Remote Lock & Unlock

Remote Light Control

Start the engine, cool it down, lock it or switch on the lights: You can now do it all with just a quick tap on your smartphone.

Service Reminder

Even the best of us forget sometimes. But Honda CONNECT has the technology to automatically remind you when maintenance is due. So you can schedule an appointment right away.

Spec & Pricing

Know Your Ride

Checkout the specifications and prices of your dream car! Don't forget to download the brochure for a detailed comparison.

CR-V 1.5L S

Retail Price Without Insurance - RM 159,900.00
Selling Price - RM 159,530.00

CR-V 1.5L E

Retail Price Without Insurance - RM 169,900.00
Selling Price - RM 169,530.00

CR-V 1.5L V

Retail Price Without Insurance - RM RM 181,900.00
Selling Price - RM 181,530.00

CR-V 2.0L e:HEV RS

Retail Price Without Insurance - RM 195,900.00
Selling Price - RM 195,062.80
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